Stainless Steel Hoses

Stainless Steel Annular Corrugated Hose

Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses are to replace the traditional rubber and plastic hoses, where high or low temperature or chemically corrosive fluids are encountered. These hoses are used for correction of minor misalignment, to accommodate reciprocating or flexing movement, and to absorb vibrations.

Technical Data For S.S. Corrugated Hose

Material Hose : S.S. 304/321/316/316L, BRAID: S.S. 304

Temperature : -200oC to + 700oC

Construction : Annular convoluted close pitch Butt welded S.S tube with S.S tube with S.S. wire braiding suitable for high degree of flexibility and working pressure.

S.S. Jacketed Hose Heat and Coolant-Traced Hoses

Corrugated hose material for core & Jacket : SS 321/316

Braid of core & jacket : SS 304

Operating Temperature: 400oC maximum 600oC possible as a special design.